We Have Standards Of Quality We're Simply Not Willing To Bend

Our Process Continually Works to Improve Your Product In Real Time

We work with you to create a plan that matches your vision and needs perfectly. We then go to work to implement our system to produce materials that match that vision.

We employ real-time metrics and data to continually make improvements on orders. Each craftsman works according to your quality specifications, continually tracking and measuring the quality of each piece. Our ongoing examination of each product ensures that we deliver a consistent product to your doorstep. 

Our Wildwoods Quality Assurance Program Pre-Certifies Your Entire Order Before It Ships To You

Wildwoods Approves Each Shipment With a Certificate of Quality

We eliminate the need for reworks and eliminate defects by inspecting each piece of furniture to ensure that it meets your exact specifications. Once the orders are complete and ready for shipment, we pre-certify your furniture with a Certificate of Quality which accompanies the shipment.

You can even request that all supporting data reports - including control charts and process capability reports -be included for review with the shipping documents.

We Reduce Your Inspection Time And Save Resources (Time and Money)

Our quality controls work to ensure consistent quality for your unique products and help you trim costs in the supply chain.

Wildwoods Is Synonymous With Quality

Our Quality Assurance program is ongoing, in real time, with all materials, so you can feel confident knowing that every piece meets our high quality standards.

Call Now To Begin This Easy (Seven-Step) Quality Startup Process:

  1. Schedule Initial Meeting: Call us and schedule a time to discuss the type of product you want, and we can talk about capabilities and unique attributes that can add character to the items we build for you.

  2. We'll have a comprehensive discussion with you about our existing quality assurance process and inspection guidelines.

  3. We will talk about what, when, and how much you need.

  4. We will develop a production master plan, including guiding metrics and data. We will create quality inspection guidelines and gather product samples.

  5. We will formalize the Quality Standards for production. We will train our craftsman to follow all of your manufacturing standards and your quality requirements.

  6. We ensure that each piece of furniture meets your EXACT specifications. Each person on our team will understand and follow your quality inspection guidelines.

  7. You receive materials that are pre-certified and inspected, ready to put on the floor.


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