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Wildwoods Patent Pending Process Engrains Your Logo, Brand, Or Image Into Wood Surfaces

Our Process Combines Old-World Methods  With The Latest Technology To Produce One-Of-A-Kind Furniture

Wildwoods unveiled its new Patent Pending process at NRA 2014. Once we carefully select the wood grade and craft the furniture, we begin our hands-on preparation of the wood surface. Then, we can take virtually any image, photograph, or logo and actually printing it into the table top surface in such a way where the wood grain can still be seen.

The Image Then Is Encapsulated In The Wood Grain

You can wash the tabletops or surfaces with soap and water like any other wooden surface. The finished product is extremely durable and is bound to last through real-life wear and tear.

See Examples Of This Unique Process

The process allows us to achieve a fine level of detail in either black and white or full color. We can tell your story or place your brand right on the tops of your tables, on the backs or seats of barstools, or any flat wooden surface.

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