Perfected Imperfection 

The celebrated character of Wildwoods® furniture originates from the variety of natural patterns and grains in each signature piece. 

Perfect Process Enhances Natural Imperfections

Our hardwoods are carefully selected based on their grain and unique characteristics. In fact, our short growing season in Wisconsin produces many of our finest hardwoods.

Study and Maintain The Beauty of Natural Imperfections

Our craftsmen look closely at each piece of raw material and work to keep that natural variety as they cut and shape each table. When the pieces are cut and shaped, we begin our nine step finishing process.

Our 9 Step Finishing Process 

This thorough step-by-step finishing method ensures each Wildwoods® table meets our high standards.

We Go Beyond "Good Enough"

Most furniture is the result of mechanized assembly line manufacturing. There is no consideration for maintaining the natural patterns and beauty of the wood. Machines complete all the sanding and finishing because they say they can produce materials that are "good enough" without hand-sanding. 

You don't find that "good enough" attitude at Wildwoods. We take full advantage of modern technology, but we also know that there is no substitute for hands-on craftsmanship.

We begin sanding with a graduating series of grains:

  • Start sanding with 80 grit paper to get the shape and remove splinters around the edges
  • Gradually move on to 120 grit and then 150 grit to achieve a smooth finish
  • Begin hand sanding with 180 grit paper before finishing the initial hand sanding with a 220 grit paper
  • Spray on high quality commercial grade ML Campbell Conversion Varnish, then cure
  • Some of the grains will stand on end as the varnish dries, creating a slightly rough finish
  • Remove any rough edges or grains again with another finish sand over the varnished pieces with a 220 grit paper
  • Move on to a micro finish at 280 grit paper to smooth out any grains that emerged during the varnish and curing process

- Spray on high quality commercial grade conversion varnish, then cure

  • Final inspection of surfaces and finish

Prepare Tabletop for Wildwood's own Patent Pending Branding Process

  • Add first seal coat
  • Sand again
  • Add a top coat
  • Add a second top coat


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